Building together

Over the past 150 years, BPC Group has successfully reinvented itself and made its mark on the Brussels and Walloon urban landscapes, creating and building our most iconic buildings. A challenge that our company intends to keep taking on by upholding the values its has chosen and relying on the teams that make it what it is.

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Kevin - Project engineer

“The great thing about site management is that, even though you do the same job, it’s never the same project. Our job is therefore very diverse: with each new project, new challenges and getting to know a new team with new ways of working.”

Julie - Project engineer

“BPC Group is a dynamic company with a young spirit and a human scale. Apart from the diversity of my job, this is one aspect that I really like: here, everyone knows each other.”

Cédric - Project manager

“Every day, BPC Group management imparts us with the necessary confidence to carry out our projects. In addition to this trust, BPC Group has set up an efficient structure, with engineering departments offering considerable added value to run our projects smoothly. We feel supported and guided under the right conditions, supported by the right people and the right skills.”

Christophe - Project Manager

“At BPC Group, there is a real sharing of knowledge, where young people who are starting out are well supervised by the more experienced people. It’s very pleasant to be able to teach the job to young people who are starting out with us and to see them develop as they go along in the right conditions and in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere.”

Morgan - Site supervisor

“At BPC Group, there is a family and collaborative atmosphere that makes all the difference. I’ve always been able to find a listening ear and help when I needed it, always offered with great kindness. It really is a pleasure to get up every morning to go to work on the site. The work atmosphere is nice and the job is varied and challenging.”

Alexandre - Site supervisor

“When I finished my studies, I had a desire: to train on large projects. That’s why I decided to come and work at BPC Group. Moreover, the atmosphere here is really pleasant. People are on a first-name basis, they help each other, etc. They take the time to teach me all aspects of the job. I am well supervised and I feel really supported.

Jayson - Customer service manager

“BPC Group promotes a hierarchy with a rather flat structure: everyone is important and everyone has a say. The result? We listen to each other, we talk to each other, we make decisions together. On-going communication and exchanges allow us to move forward and carry out our projects accurately and in sync.”

Stany - Site supervisor

“BPC Group is really about putting the right person in the right place at the right time. I have always envisaged my career development on atypical, complex and diversified projects. In 22 years, the management has shown itself to be very attentive to my wishes, as it is to everyone in order to develop its teams according to the ambitions and wishes of each individual.

A job where you feel food

More than a job, BPC Group is first and foremost a family, where team spirit is at the heart of achieving our goals. Joining BPC Group means discovering…

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    A human-centred, open and collaborative corporate culture, where you can develop at your own pace with the necessary guidance

  • 02

    An approachable management team that promotes exchanges and mutual trust

  • 03

    Work independence and flexibility (teleworking, flexible hours, etc.) to ensure a good work-life balance

  • 04

    Training tailored to individual needs to promote personal growth

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    A company that values the well-being of its employees, as illustrated by the large number of activities, staff parties, team building exercises, social events, etc.

Discover our job offers

Are you dreaming of contributing to the renovation and construction of iconic buildings in Brussels and Wallonia? Working in construction is not just a job for you, it’s a passion. BPC Group is regularly looking for new talent to join our teams. Don’t hesitate to apply for one of our vacancies or submit your unsolicited application.