We control the entire construction chain

We tailor our services to your needs and can support you throughout your project: from the design to the delivery stage, you can rely on our teams of experienced engineers.

Phase 1

Pricing and Quotations

We promise to present you with an offer that best suits your needs in terms of budget, scheduling and quality requirements.

  • Icon Pricing and Quotations
    A quotation tailored to your needs
  • Icon A quotation tailored to your needs
    Public and private sectors
  • Icon Public and private sectors
    DBFM, PPP, Bouwteam and competition projects
  • A quotation tailored to your needs

    Made up of multidisciplinary engineers and experienced quantity surveyors, our Pricing department analyses your request down to the minute detail in order to provide you with a quotation that best suits your budget and your schedule. Our Engineering department also conducts a preliminary analysis to anticipate your project’s characteristics as much as possible and to optimise the project by proposing alternatives.

  • Public and private sectors

    A major player in the construction industry ever since 1835, BPC Group has completed a wide variety of projects for both the private and public sectors and can therefore support you in all kinds of projects, while adapting to the specifics of your procurement system.

  • DBFM, PPP, Bouwteam and competition projects

    In addition to the know-how required for your project, we have acquired further expertise and many references through more specific contracts, such as Design & Build (DBFM), PPP projects or competition projects.

Phase 2

Engineering, Processes and Scheduling

The role of our Engineering department is threefold: anticipate the characteristics of your construction project, find alternatives that fit within your budget, and support our on-site teams throughout your project.

  • Icon Engineering, Processes and Scheduling
  • Icon Sustainability
    Processes and Scheduling
  • Icon Processes and Scheduling
    BIM and 2D and 3D technical drawings
  • Icon BIM and 2D and 3D technical drawings
  • Icon Stability
    Special techniques
  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is taking an increasingly bigger role in today’s economy. Consequently, it inevitably impacts our way of building and our requirements in this respect. BPC Group supports you in running your project sustainably: sustainable and passive construction, optimisation of your project’s circular (cradle-to-cradle) planning, site management in accordance with the requirements of BREEAM and PEB certifications, geothermal energy, thermography, etc.

  • Processes and Scheduling

    Good planning is the prerequisite to a well-managed building site. Our Processes and Scheduling teams do more than just support our Pricing department; they also assist our on-site teams to make sure the work performed for your project meets the quality and scheduling requirements, and remains within your budget.

  • BIM and 2D and 3D technical drawings

    In addition to producing 2D or 3D technical drawings, you can rely on our teams of draughtspersons to support you throughout your BIM (Building Information Modelling) project. This collaborative working process allows BPC to offer more than the simple visualisation of your future building project: BIM constitutes a genuine collaborative tool where all the data about your project is described, managed and exchanged in a structured way. A solution that makes anticipating possible coordination problems, reducing costs and site schedule optimisation possible.

  • Stability

    Our Stability unit assesses your project beforehand, from the pricing stage, in order to find the solutions best suited to your budget. These very solutions may be later challenged due to unexpected circumstances at the building site, in order to remain within your budget and the initial schedule as much as possible, while maintaining our services’ high quality standards.

  • Special techniques

    Our Special Techniques unit is involved in both the pricing and execution phases, covering all electro-mechanical systems related to your project (HVAC, electricity, plumbing, etc.). This allows our teams to coordinate these elements of the project, ensuring that the pricing matches your budget and providing optimised technical coordination and risk management.

Phase 3

Project Management and Execution

Our on-site teams make sure your building project runs smoothly. The prerequisites? Properly planned processes and optimal coordination of all the trades on site.

  • Icon Project Management and Execution
    LEAN Management
  • Icon LEAN Management
    Working to budget, quality and schedule requirements
  • Icon Working to budget, quality and schedule requirements
    Expertise in complex projects
  • LEAN Management

    Our on-site teams follow the principles of LEAN Management to ensure that your project runs optimally. With this approach, costs and delays can be minimised, while guaranteeing consistent work quality.

    While studies show that between 25 and 50% of construction costs are due to the wasted and inefficient use of human and material resources on site, LEAN Management offers real added value in optimising each construction process in your project.

  • Working to budget, quality and schedule requirements

    Risk assessment and prevention is one of the work methods implemented by BPC Group to ensure that the budget, scheduling and quality level that we agreed upon are met. Every step of the way, from the initial pricing to the execution phase, BPC Group assesses your project and submits sustainable solutions that limit the risks inherent in the management of a construction project.

  • Expertise in complex projects

    With experience in the construction sector in Brussels and Wallonia spanning more than 150 years, BPC Group has managed to build remarkable know-how in all types of projects. Over all these decades, our teams have made their mark on complex construction projects on the strength of work practices based on continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Phase 4

Customer Service

Since BPC Group develops its collaboration with customers on lasting relationships, based on trust and partnership, your satisfaction is our priority.

This means that, once you have accepted the completed building, you can still rely on the support of our customer service team. They will take care of any small defects and issues that may unfortunately arise following the construction of a building.

Your feedback is an opportunity for us to improve our processes and services and to offer you an ever higher quality of work.