A socially and environmentally responsible company

BPC Group aims to be a responsible company that delivers sustainable solutions, taking into account the environmental, societal and economic challenges of today’s world. BPC Group strongly believes sustainable development and innovation are key to carrying out its strategic approach based on operational excellence and continuous improvement. As evidence of its commitment, BPC Group has adopted CFE Contracting’s sustainable approach based on a strategy structured in four main themes and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Icon Build for the future

    Build for the future

    Sustainably select the materials we use. Limit our waste production. Rethink our practices in terms of circular (cradle-to-cradle) construction, etc. Such are the pathways we are implementing today to ensure our sector can become an active player in creating the city of tomorrow.

  • Icon Be a great place to work

    Be a great place to work

    Promote a climate of trust and a healthy corporate culture where our employees can develop and grow, this is our ambition as an employer. People are at the centre of our operations; we want to take care of everyone by fostering an inspiring and motivating working environment.

  • Icon Offer innovative solutions

    Offer innovative solutions

    Thinking about tomorrow also means developing innovative solutions through digitization, the continuous improvement of our processes and by constantly assessing market developments. Operational excellence through innovation is the prerequisite to a sustainable transition for our business.

  • Icon Towards climate neutrality

    Towards climate neutrality

    Unfortunately, our operations have an impact on society and the environment. We need to come up now with solutions that will allow our sector to become more climate neutral by drastically reducing CO² emissions from our activities.