Who are we?

A major player in the construction sector, BPC Group builds and renovates structures of all sizes in Brussels and Wallonia for private tenders and public procurement. Relying on vast expertise acquired over more than 150 years, BPC Group builds its collaboration with stakeholders on lasting relationships, based on trust, quality and partnership. Our teams aim for operational excellence and look for all the sustainable and innovative solutions to complete your projects on time and on budget.

For over 150 years, BPCGroup has contributed to the evolution of our urban environment by delivering sustainable, innovative construction solutions to meet society’s concerns. As a class 8 general building contractor, BPCGroup is proud of its extensive portfolio of project accomplishments throughout the Brussels and Walloon Regions.

  • 350 employees (BPC and BPC Wallonie)
  • 168 Mio average turnover (2017 - 2020 / BPC et BPC Wallonie)
  • 307 Mio average order book (2017 - 2020 / BPC et BPC Wallonie)

We form part of the CFE Group

Being an integral part of this major group bolsters the means with which we are able to respond to the most demanding of challenges in the industry: our flexibility and local embeddedness as a dynamic company on a human scale are backed by the sound financial foundation that comes from operating within an international group.

  • 911.9 Mio turnover (2020 / CFE Group)
  • 14.9 Mio EBIT (2020 / CFE Group)
  • 1,492.6 Mio order book (2020 / CFE Group)
  • 78.365 Mio equity (2020 / CFE Group)

Our approach

We are at your service

Delivering a high-quality building, on time and on budget, is our priority. To achieve this goal, we work according to a precise work methodology, based on LEAN Management, which optimises both your budget and the implementation of the project itself.

Our engineering and design office manages all of the risks inherent in the design and completion of your project. This allows us to guarantee you a price at a predetermined level of performance. Our on-site teams, for their part, agree to respect the time frame and ensure that this price will not be exceeded, while dealing with unforeseen circumstances specific to the site.

Our QSE policy

BPC Group has implemented a Quality Safety Environment management system based on a continuous improvement approach which requires every employee to get involved proactively. In its approach, BPC Group relies on the ISO 45001 (Health & Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) standards. Not only is our company committed to comply with regulatory legal requirements in terms of QSE; above all, we aim to exceed them to achieve excellence. Consequently, BPC Group’s targets are: zero accidents, zero incidents, zero pollution, zero nuisance and zero non-compliance.

Our history


First establishment in Schaerbeek of a Blaton-Aubert factory which mainly produces garden ornaments. However, it very quickly starts taking on projects as a genuine general contractor. From then on, the company will carry out industrial and civil engineering works, including the Cinquantenaire railway tunnel excavation works, the construction of the Port of Brussels, the bridge over the Meuse River at Huy, and more.


Armand-Eugène and Emile Blaton found “Entreprise Blaton-Aubert”, their own construction company.

Over 30 years, they will carry out major construction projects in France and Belgium, such as the Central Station in Brussels and many sections of the North-South Connection (Jonction Nord-Midi) railway link.


In the 1950s, the two brothers decide to each create his own business.

Emile then sets up Compagnie Industrie and Emile Blaton, while Ado and Jean Blaton, two of Armand Blaton’s four sons, create the Bâtiments et Ponts company.


BPC is acquired by what will become the Vinci Group. The company is then renamed “Bâtiments et Ponts Construction”.


The Belgian group CFE, in which Vinci was a shareholder, buys BPC.


Creation of BPC Hainaut, BPC Liège and BPC Namur in order to have more local bases to meet construction demand in Wallonia.


Ackermans & van Haaren (AVH) becomes majority shareholder of CFE.


BPC merges with BPC Hainaut, BPC Liège and BPC Namur together to create the BPC Group company.